Thank you for your interest in joining our team, please fill out the application below and if you fit the profile and meet the requirements we’ll contact you shortly

Also please submit your resume along with a cover letter and a recent picture to:

Are you a CELTA/TESOL/TELF certified Teacher? YesNo
Have you ever prepared a student to take an IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE exam? YesNo
Are you currently working or have you ever worked for another local language institute? YesNo
Can you work on the weekends (or at least in one of these days: Saturdays/Sundays? YesNo
Have you ever worked with kids/teens? YesNo
Can you speak any other languages (fluently)? YesNo
Are you planning to stay in Lima for more than six months? YesNo
Do you have any friends or family members that may be interested in joining our team? YesNo
Is there anything that may prevent you from doing your duty (illnesses, kids, other)? YesNo
Do you own a laptop/PC or have easy access to it? YesNo Do you have access to internet connection at home? YesNo
Are you familiar with the English Course “New Inside Out” (MacMillan)? YesNo Are you familiar with the English Course “Market Leader” (Pearson/Longman)? YesNo